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We are a company in line with technologies; we are not a typical coding factory, nor do we want to be. We want to differentiate ourselves by helping society and working towards our social responsibilities, with the help of latest technologies and our knowledge to integrate it in your day-to-day lives.


"We endeavor to build safe & secure environment across the country through the three corner stones of our Sensor - Smart, Easy to adopt & Safety-driven technology, with a vision like 3rd eye to expand your reach towards your assets - wherever they go."


Simplifying Safety like Never Before!

By creating cosmic connections between schools and parents for the ultimate safety their priceless asset called - Children.


We play role into the 'Social Welfare' of the society, a sincere effort to reduce stress of parents by going the extra mile and embedding technology in their life to say 'We Care' for someone as priceless as 'Children' We take the responsibility to build a 'Better and Safer surrounding for Children'

Our approach is an alarming effort for Parents to 'Track their Children' and be rest assured about the What, When, and Where of their child during school hours.